Breaking the rules: my first grow with ChatGPT, DIY lights and questionable solutions

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Hey there everyone!

Here I’ll be sharing with you my path on growing without any kind of experience whatsoever.

My experimental (!) idea is to grow based primarily on chat GPT advices, breaking all of the traditional rules and simply relying on AI to do all the hard job of decision making and calculations for me. The budget is limited too, so I'll try maintaining the conditions with the least amount of spendings.

Even though I see that the English language thread is not active at all, I had no other choice but to place it here. Hope someone will notice me and share their thoughts. The 1st post will be longer than any other, because I already made my first steps and now want to catch up.

So let me start at the beginning. I had just 3 seeds and no info about the strain (don't even know if they are feminized or auto),. I got this blurple 10W bulb for a regular socket (E27) online just as a start (now I know that this was a mistake).
Then, I germinated the seeds as they do on youtube videos, by putting them in a wet paper towel and covering from the light. After a couple of days they were ready to be planted.
I prepared 3 small (about 500-600 ml) pots out of regular pavlaka buckets. Filled each of them with different soil (!). The first one was taken from the forest nearby, two of the others are two different types of cheapest humus from a regular convenient store.
In a few days I saw the seedlings rising from the ground. It felt good.
I took a 10 liter bucket and covered it with tin foil from the inside to make some kind of reflector. Made a small transparent window out of plastic bottle, added a hole at the top for ventilation and some screws at the base to rise it from the floor making some room for air travel. Fixed the full-spectrum 10W LED on this improvised bucket-reflector.
Humidity: After some research with GPT I realized that I need some kind of a humidifier. It recommends to keep the humidity around 60-70% at the seedling stage and gradually decrease it when it comes to vegetation. So I bought a small ultrasound humidifier that evaporates the water, works from USB type-A, works fine. Also got a small electronic thermometer + humidity meter to track the current state of environment, which happened to be very-very useful (still not sure about it’s accuracy though).

Temperature: It was a little cold at the time I planted, so to maintain 25-30 C (as GPT suggested) I placed my older laptop to the side of the bucket. To add some airflow I also used a small USB fan which I bought from a Chinese shop nearby.


Overall, to adjust the conditions I was playing around with the placing of humidifier, laptop and fan. Sometimes I had to run STALKER on my laptop to add the temperature so that the hot air will go underneath the bucket, heating up my small seedling box.
I was veeery impatient at the start and made a common mistake of overwatering. Currently with my setup I add just a little of water each 2-3 days. And checking the soil humidity just by sticking my finger into the pot.
The Chinese USB fan died from working 24/7 (not surprised), the laptop is not needed anymore because the temperature is pretty much acceptable. So my setup become a little simpler, but lacks ventilation. Interesting note: I found that the one I put in a soil rom the forest was growing way faster and healthier.
Currently I see that there’s not enough light for them to grow bigger. Due to the fact that I’m very limited with the budget, I tried finding some ready-to-go cheap solutions, but nothing valuable is available locally. Ordering from abroad is not an option too due to all of the following risks.

Now back to my old friend Chat GPT. I’ve asked him few times to make sure he’s confident – it is possible to grow just by using regular household LED bulbs. The trick is in the spectrum (yeah, yeah, I know that you already know everything about that, but I’m new to that, soo…). By now I know that blue is important for veg and red is absolutely crucial for flowering. Therefore, I would need some combination of cold and warm bulbs depending on the current stage. Ideally it should be around 1:2 – 1:3 ratio between the bulbs to maintain a certain stage.

Now to the specifications (defined with some help of ChatGPT)…
1) Since I’m growing 3 plants, it would be reasonable to aim for at least 300w depending on the size of the tent I will build.
2) I found it that I should NOT go four something below 15W/bulb, because it would simply too many bulbs. The bulbs should be about 15 cm apart from each other to evenly spread the light.
3) I decided to go for 25 bulbs of 18W. Combining 2700K and 6500K. Here’s what I come up with:
So as you can see I plan to have 2 switches (2 modes): partial (298W, to the right) and full power (442W). I tried to predict the positioning of the lamps to make it even.
Cannot say for sure until I try, but based on ChatGPT recommendations of the 6500K to 2700K proportion, I’ll be running 12 bulbs 18w of 6500K + 4 bulbs 18w of 2700K + 1 full spectrum 10w making a total of 298W.
If needed, I’ll be adding more (gradually to full power). And if I’ll be hitting flowering stage I’ll just start swapping 6500K for 2700K to add more red.
4) The board will be around 110x110 cm, with bulbs 18 cm apart.


Update (03/07): it seems that I already ran into some problems, the plants are not growing well, have something with leaves and weak in general. But I guess it’s normal since there’s no ventilation and not enough light.

Also ordered smart pots 7l, light mix, perlite and hesi set. Not sure I will fix pH though…

Plans: replace the plants to the 7l light mix with washed perlite, add the DIY lights, adding watts little by little, add a new fan.

Upcoming setup expenses for the lights:
- Bulb 6500k 18w (samsung led) x18 - 5500 din
- Bulb 2700k 18w (smd2835) x18 - 6800 din
// can go WAY cheaper with 12x 6500k and 4x 2700k for now (3700 din + 1500 din), but want to buy all bulbs in advance
- Fan - 800 din
- 110x110 wooden board - free
- E27 socket x25 - 2500 din
- 3-position electrical switch/button - 150 din
- Cable 2x1mm2 x 2,5m - 150 din

And have to come up with some idea for light reflective tent. Need to find foil-like material that won't be tearing apart and is reflective enough. Thinking about something like that, you might have saw it on a tv:


But don't know where to find something similar. Plus, gather some household consumables to paint the board and hang it on a string.

Now time to go and visit some shops… Stay tuned for the news.

I really hope to get some comments from you guys, give me some tips and tell me my mistakes.
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Dude. Respect for the post. I will read it again on pc and write some additional thing, wanted not just to say that I had a similar idea. Actually it would be the VutraBot where actually data feed would be with a cannabis in focus. Keep on going!


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Hello there.
Thumbs up for the idea :D We haven't had c gpt grow so far :D
Dont worry too much about humidity, at least not in vege phase. In flowering try to keep it under 50%.
As for the lights... you can find planty of E27 grow diaries here and get ideas on how to and how many. 9, 10, 12, 15W... doesn't matter much.
For the flowering go with as close to 2700 as possible.... even tho you can do the complete grow with 2700-3200K. Those blurple bulbs ... throw them away.

Humus, forest soil ... a no-no for indoor grows.
Light mix? which one? plagron, biobizz are fine but not sure if you should add more perlite in it since those are pretty light substrates. I prefer all/grow mix from start to finish and also with hesi (all the components).
Also, you don't have to worry about ph too much/at all if you grow with quality soil and hesi. (quality soil i.e.: plagron, biobizz, canna, atami, potgrond H )

Not sure what else to say. Chat gpt or not.... some basic rules you need to follow.
Good soil, good fertilizer, inner ventilation, exhaust ventilation. Lights on temp 25-30, lights off temp 20+-
...don't overwater.... for the start dont water until soil almost completely dry.

Oh yes, you don't need reflective anything. Plain white paint will do the job. (matte white)

Once you set it all up, we'll see the photos and talk from there.

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Beginner's mistakes like excessive watering, bad soil just take your time and the result is missing.

Lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, humidity, have to work on that.

Artificial intelligence can give you directions, everything else is up to you.

If you plan to have your own smoke, you need to take cultivation more seriously.

Inner cultivation does not recognize this way of thinking.
Due to the fact that I’m very limited with the budget, I tried finding some ready-to-go cheap solutions, but nothing valuable is available locally. Ordering from abroad is not an option too due to all of the following risks.
Good luck.


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Hello brother from the weed mother :respect:May the grow ahead brings you good luck,success and lots of grams::listomahanje::Crew on the forum has experience and most of them are ready to help.Be careful,::sex:: the law and stay high:vutra:
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Boys have said it all :)
I'd add only the good ol' "bigger root - bigger fruit"
7L feels a bit on the critical side, as in you might get rootbound imho, plus plants love when you give them space to dig in. I'd say, don't go under 15L pots, and if you could sqeeze in 20+ L, then you are more on the safe side, and the yield would potentially (but also substantially) get bigger!

Good luck fam, keep us posted!
Peace ✌️
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@Bizzzo , @Stipe , @Vutra Samotnjak , @deus , @Wendigo

Thank you all guys! For the recommendations and your support!

My shopping is almost done and here what I came up with currently. I think it's better to share the prices also, because it might be useful for some readers or just as an overall reference how and where to get stuff.

Popular online grow market:
- Smart pot 7l x4 - 420 din (105 din/piece)
- Hesi pack - 1980 din
- Plagron light 25l - 900 din
- Plagron perlit 10l - 840 din

Couple of chinese shops:
- Drill bit to make a hole of 32mm - 250 din/set (not sure if it will work, looks like sh*t, but could not find anything reasonably priced under 1000 din in other stores)
- Temperature/humidity meter - 350 din
- USB Fan - 650 din
- Screw-in hooks for the improvised panel - 80 din/set
- E27 ceramic sockets x27 (2 extra just in case) - 1350 din (50 din/piece)
- Electricity plug - 50 din
- Plastic cable 10m (no specification, seems strong enough to hand my future panel) - 100 din
- Zip ties (just in case) - 130 din
- Velcro hook and loop - 100 din (hopefully I'll figure out how to implement it to make the height easy to adjust)

Popular construction mall:
- E27 LED Bulb 2700K 18w (smd2835 led) x6 - 2280 din (380 din/piece)
- E27 LED Bulb 6500K 18w (samsung led) x18 - 5400 din(300 din/piece), could have bought only 12 for the start
- Regular power cord 2x0,75mm2 (check with the specification, 0,75mm2 is enough till 2,2kw, which is more than enough) x4 m - 160 din
- 2-step electrical switch - 120 din
- Steam isolation (reflective material) 7x1,5m - 1900 din (180 din/m2)
- Spray paint white gloss 400g - 450 din

So the grand total is 17540.

The thing is that I still haven't got the board itself to start working. Will try figuring that out at the closest time.

Stay tuned!


Poznanik Foruma
USB Fan - 650 din
Those mostly die out in a week (if you bought those cheap, colorful Chinese versions), and the air movement is not nearly sufficient for your needs (goes without saying for any cheaper USB fan)
You need to have the air in the box replaced ideally every minute
And you need the air movement inside the box, to toughen the stems, to keep the mold and stale air away, and ofc to cool the plants.
This is a necessity.
So essentially you need at least two/ three fans - outake with filter (keep in mind that the duct hose reduces the strength by...think it was 10% per every meter, and ofc you add the sharp angles to equation (if your vent hose has sharp angles), and the filter reduces the strength of the fan as well.
You need one fan for the canopy
And ideally another under the canopy for the later stages, after the stretch - now THIS fan is usually the USB one, because it makes enough air movement under the canopy, and you could essentially put it on a timer (mine are running 24/7 tbh) the other two really really need to be stronger i.e. you could use the tower fan version most of us do, for above the canopy/under the light
But the outake one needs to be strong enough.

You can not and will not have the end product with just the USB vent :)

I would also, once again, point out that the 7L are small pots for what you are aiming for, you're going to have to dial in your watering regime to near perfection (good thing those are fabric, at least you're minimising rootbound possibility) which is something even more experienced growers struggle with
The usual aim is one gallon (roughly 4 liters) for every foot (roughly 30cm) of plant's growth
Usually the indoor plants are averaging (depending on vegetation length ofc, overall conditions of the grow room, and genetics) around one meter height, give or take (with sativa dominant cultivars, it's a GIVE trust me) a few.
Take that into serious consideration, and good luck!


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Poznanik Foruma
Nezz zasto ometate coveka :)

My experimental (!) idea is to grow based primarily on chat GPT advices, breaking all of the traditional rules and simply relying on AI to do all the hard job of decision making and calculations for me.

Good luck and I wish you all the best. Curious how smart gpt is and if its gonna be able to go trough all the way till end :)
Hello again, guys! Nice to be back.

@Wendigo , Thanks for such a detailed comment! I would definately consider your recommendations!

@deus , @Vutra Samotnjak , @sone1 , Thanks for your support, guys! Means a lot to me, really! Never expected such feedback in this part of forum.

Okay, it was a long time and I have a big update for you, dear readers.

First of all, I’ve done some adjustments to my future setup:
- Additionally bought some cord and wires, because it was obviously not enough to wire down all of the bulbs. So I’ve spent about 800 din extra on the wires (a total of 20 meters of 0,75mm2).
- Bought 11-liter smart pots and another 25 liter bag of light mix - 1300 din
- Found an old fan (220v, just a common standing one).
- Had to downsize my panel to 80x80 from 120x120, because someone was complaining about the size of the thing and the space that I’m about to occupy with my new hobby. The layout stayed the same – 5x5 bulbs.

So all of the spendings summarized are 19640 din.

Then the time came to assemble everything.

1) I cut 25 holes 38 mm in diameter in an 80x80 cm wooden board (about 1 cm thick).

2) Then I dissembled all of the ceramic bulb sockets I had, placed them in those holes and then turned them upside down (so the board was standing on the bulb sockets). I’ve done that on a flat surface to even out the level and axis of bulb sockets.

10.jpg 11.jpg 13.jpg


3) I used hot glue to fix the bulb sockets from the top.


4) Wired everything through 2 switches (to have 2-step – 17 bulbs or all 25 bulbs working).


5) Wired the bulb sockets, and connected some bulbs just to see if the button is connected properly.

16.jpg 17.jpg

6) Removed the test bulbs and finished the wiring.


7) Put in all of the bulbs, tested the button, and left the panel working for an hour.


8) Turned off everything, disconnected from electricity, and checked for any unwanted burning smell, checked the wiring temperatures just by touching all of the contacts.
9) Covered the sides and the top with some thin wooden panes just to hide the wiring (not so much for the looks, but to not accidentally damage or stress the wires). Another perk I found is that now I can use the space on the “roof” of the improvised panel.


10) Added some hooks to the side of the paned in case I would want to hang the panel (I didn’t).
11) Done the final test to make sure everything is working properly.
12) Removed the diffusers from the bulbs with a knife. Be very careful while doing that! Took me a while to get the techniques right, I broke 2 bulbs to get it right.
13) I placed the panel on wooden poles and taped the reflective material on the sides.


The setup is basically ready.

Now to the plants…

Even though I have light mix soil, I’ve added about 8-10% of Perlite (ChatGPT recommendation).


But before that, I washed the perlite for about 12 hours by putting it in a plastic basin of water (also suggested by ChatGPT). Time after time tapping and mixing the top layer to get rid of all of the dust. Then, I dried it out outside for 1 day. The result was significant. Only the grains are left without any dust.


21a.jpg 23.jpg


I finally transplanted the plants to 11-liter smart pots, very satisfying experience to have them in a proper pot.


Placed the plants in my improvised tent, put the thermometer/humidity meter inside, connected the small USB fan, and left one of the sides of the tent open due to ventilation and the current overall weather that makes it too hot outside. To make it better, I’ve put another (bigger, regular standing) fan in the distance to blow inside the tent.


Hopefully, I will see the results and the plants growing. Although I’m a little worried because they were not feeling good before the transplantation and now I stress them out even more.

Overall, current conditions (the plants are 1 month old, but never grown because of lack of light, proper soil, and small pots I initially put them in):

11-liter pots of 90% plagron light mix + 10% plagron perlite (washed)
Temp: 25-29 C depending on the day (I know it’s too hot, but these days are abnormally hot, so expect it to be better after a while)
Humidity 50-60%
Ventilation: usb fan inside + household standing fan blowing from the distance + one of the sides of the tent is open
Lights: 4x18w 2700k bulbs + 12x18w 6500k bulbs + 1x10w full spectrum bulb making a total of 298w. Distance from the canopy is about 120 cm (very far, but better to be cautious after so many changes)

A) To think about better ventilation, which would also allow closing the opened side of the tent. But these days it’s 30+ degrees in my region, they claim it to be 36 next week
B) To raise the plants gradually closer to the light, to approx. 50-60 cm distance.
C) Depending on the growth results add another set of bulbs
D) Gradually start using hesi root + tnt a few days after transplanting, but I'm not sure of the full dose that is recommended. Saw plenty of people applying only half of the recommended.

As always, your thoughts and advices are highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!