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Belgian coal miners cramped together in an elevator. (cca. 1900.) c765a348f7bf40613835bb2681a51b79.jpg
Shrek is inspired by a real person, Maurice Tillet, a professional wrestler. 41d8fe52b9b70b09b42aca590960f162.jpg
Dentistry, 1920.
Child labor at the coal mine.
d59933f6c6148d4ab738bbabaf830007.jpg fast the world changes
School girls in gas masks. (WWII.)
Chicago, Illinois/Provident hospital. Baby being x-rayed. (1942.) 5623cbe1fbedde94c9897bb26e7fba5e.jpg
Viet - cong girl.
Child labor from America's past...
From the days before alarm clocks Mary Smith of Limehouse, a knocker-up who blew dried peas at windows to wake you up.
Ford Model T street light maintenance truck. (1926.) 6144597f3ab5a33684b8a834b7099e50.jpg
Barefooted Addie Card works in a New England factory, 1910. a6d1e8ddcd303707ce1ee6b1993d4613.jpg
Lights are installed by electricians on the Eiffel tower for the Paris Exhibition. 1937. 5d15390836fc94d8adb7da53751b9ac6.jpg
Chicken and boy smokes cigarette, 1920.
This boy, Harold Whittles, hears for the very first time ever. The doctor treating him has just placed an earpiece in his left ear. (Date unknown)
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American soldier, Walton Trohon cleaning the face of a young French orphan during WWII. a2cbf82114d5b7c58568a3e6d93fe810.jpg
Marine gives cigarette to Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima. 3901c3f08e1b67fdc39547bbcfaa4544.jpg
Manual laborer confront a military policeman at a gold mine. Brazil, 1986. 3a61219d24bf21a3481f285940f0e7f6.jpg
South Vietnam, photo of the year 1966. 3a9d118843470134d43522db25eee0e0.jpg
Vietcong womens, wearing masks, returning after training, 1972. 06580b2868cee84a8978a26bcad285f6.jpg
Mongolian shaman, cca. 1909. 025017c54e2508ac94c5eee41abfe9be.jpg
Mongolia, 1920.
A man poses with a hyena on a leash in Rinka village of Katsina State, North-west Nigeria, July 17, 2009.
Mount Vesuvius, photo from the volcano's last great eruption. 8a747e07ad2e2ee52ed1a22fdc4f4f5b.jpg
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Portrait of Bontoc man...wearing breechcloth with head-axe, multibarbed spear and pronged, wood Shield 1926.
Sun Dance Pledgers - Cheyenne (The North American Indian, 1911.) c7fc75288a7c7d0fbfe2b56ade0ffe32.jpg
Hopi indian caught snake In mouth 1924. 9e22310c74cd603972015024a2188a03.jpg
Miami tribe - Mississinewa, 1812. e2ceb13086ace36ace9b33880184ce83.jpg
Kills Two (Sioux) - Sioux medicine man 1880.
Ethiopian warriors fighting for liberty aid British troops: among the Ethiopian warriors are fathers, sons, and brothers...a 14 year-old boy who has been waging war against the Italians, for 5 years...he is wearing the cap of an Italian officer sniped during one of his encounters with the enemy.
Old worrier from the Mursi tribe. (Omo valley, Ethiopia) a31e68c5b0ca554b024ed55d8c366fd6.jpg
Gorée Island was first visited in 1444. by Portuguese sailors under Dinís Diasand, occupied in subsequent years. 543ec5061e71a5b1c5e40422a0538438.jpg
Couple Kenya (cca.1920.)
3 Sea Dayak warriors, sword costume (Borneo, Malaysia - 1920s) a279b2037115674b2040498ed44d3aea.jpg
An opium dealer and a smoker. (Indonesia, cca. 1912.) 3b00f937a5b0c047878953fcd018f7a0.jpg
A Dayak man with earrings and a lance. (Indonesia, cca. 1919.) 32f4db51ff8ee380cc7ca57fac91be18.jpg
Dayak warriors, spears costume (Borneo, Malaysia - 1920s)
Exploring the mysterious Megaliths of the Bada Valley in Indonesia (also known as Napu Valley) a megalithic site situated in the Lore Lindu National Park, in the District of Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Although the megaliths have yet to be formally catalogued and documented (as of 2001) several hundred of them have been located in and around the national park. These megaliths are often carved, and 30 of them depict human / human-like forms.
Borneo's headhunters.The headhunters in Borneo once had and still have a fearsome reputation...bring back skulls as a sign of victory or as a permission to marry someone in the village.
Headhunter Igorot tribe, Banaue., Luzon, Philippines - a real photograph of a headhunter with skulls.....believed to be of World War II...vintage taken by an American soldier or correspondent in the Banaue area of Luzon Island in the Philippines. d2659be4fa3964f63a9ca6ebdb581aa4.jpg
A Northern Luzon headhunter proudly displays his trophies.
Ecuador cca. 1934. - a tsantsa from the Jivaro tribe in Ecuador. This photograph of the shrunken head was taken right after the head was shrunk.
National Geographic, May 1977. Malaysia Grisly trophy is displayed by an Iban, or Sea Dayak. His tribe gave up head hunting after World War II, and many Ibans have settled in towns, gone to school and become aggressive businessmen. But a few, like these, tread the paths of their forefathers, revering the heads and offering them food. Otherwise, some believe, the heads will eat their owners.
A Tausug man recovering a spear and mugging for the camera. (cca.1900.) 03752457a1ce3ff283be9997f24835bc.jpg
Negritos of Porac, Pampanga, Philippines. (cca. 1870.) ab40be6774eb5b0f396131dfd67c39fc.jpg
1916. Congo - Bétou prisoner in net. 585a4d99171e3ba397754f4539b758e5.jpg
An Ainu patriarch of Old Japan - refused to adopt the inferior, barbaric culture and national origin fairy tales of the hairless, invading "Yamato" Japanese.
Meditation, China, 1920s. 0304f02141cc65422be67aa47409bd14.jpg


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Bekaa Valley
13 year old Stevie Wonder goofing around with Muhammad Ali at The Apollo, Harlem, 1963
13 year old Stevie Wonder goofing around with Muhammad Ali at The Apollo, Harlem, 1963.png
A rare color photograph by Albert Kahn of the original Moulin Rouge in Paris, a year before it burned down, 1914
A rare color photograph by Albert Kahn of the original Moulin Rouge in Paris, a year before it...png
Bertha Boronda, arrested for cutting off her husband’s penis with a razor in 1907
Bertha Boronda, arrested for cutting off her husband’s penis with a razor in 1907.jpg
Hitler and his entourage walking in front of the Eiffel Tower,1940
Hitler and his entourage walking in front of the Eiffel Tower,1940.jpg
President Ford showing off his skills to Pelé, 1975
President Ford showing off his skills to Pelé, 1975.png
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, married since 1947
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, married since 1947.png
Queen with Maradona in Argentina, 1981
Queen with Maradona in Argentina, 1981.png
Salvador Dalí and Coco Chanel
Salvador Dalí and Coco Chanel.png
The Beatles' last live performance together on the rooftop of Apple Records headquarters in London, 1969
The Beatles' last live performance together on the rooftop of Apple Records headquarters in Lo...png
One Night Cough Syrup' with some remarkable ingredients, manufactured in Baltimore, 1888
One Night Cough Syrup' with some remarkable ingredients, manufactured in Baltimore, 1888.png


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Dvije žene prvi put "pokazale noge" u javnosti. Toronto, 1937. 9e3dbff8c11cc72d0bb841ef97a21ef8.jpg
Miss America 1924. 8aac0f04fe10c68c60d2226eb310e5f1.jpg
Armenske gerilske borkinje 1895. 41d142370d77648c426b77222231710b.jpg

Rudarice 1890.
Seoska kupka, cca. 1930. dfd1c98b1386d18ab0f7d0bffa1f2f30.jpg
Obitelj preživljava u straćari na gradskom odlagalištu otpada. Siječanj, 1939. (Herrin, Illinois). 0eec1ac5df7e1089e516d9693f9c588a.jpg
Terapija protiv bolova u leđima. Rumunjska, 1946. 89805-50869018_high_res-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg
Predavanje o sex-u 1929. 90355-cambio5-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg
Puška za "lov na patke". (rano 20. stoljeće) 90455-eBe9xTo1-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg
Snimanje loga za američku filmsku kompaniju Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer. 89105-1228-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg Najveći konj na svijetu 1928. 90555-Image_249581-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg Razlike u društvu. Engleska, 1937. 91355-tumblr_m5s82pmYTX1r34pqeo1_1280-650-a542d8629a-1476687487.jpg

Original Michelin, 1910. d56823783733a832fbeb7c7b4dd531f2.jpg
Yale veslački tim, 1911. SHORPY_09447u.jpg
Gablec mladih rudara, između 1890. i 1910. f8dbe85638d17048ace675404e0da74f.jpg



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Svakodnevni život u SAD-u, 1860-ih. 8072df50059c36bf168f6b0411ade1ad.jpg
"Bijela Kuća" Abrahama Lincolna,
1860-ih. 7f0369960b9e3dc8704775ef8c9a92ff.jpg
Posebno odabrane policajke za jiu-jitsu.
(Policijska postaja Chicago, ožujak,1914. - s lijeva: Agnes Walsh, Anna Loucks, Theresa Johnson, Anna Sheridan, Lulu Burt, Mabel Rockwell and Clara B. Olsen)

Djevojčica se odbija rukovati sa Predsjednikom Brazila (Figueiredo), predstavlja / simbolizira kraj diktature, 1979. c2962954098cb66ca252171bf89ed494.jpg
Napuštena beba spava u ladici od stola, u Policijskoj postaji L.A. (1971.) b12bea2219f0c8c67f53e3589c1f0aa8.jpg
Radnice u tvornici pamuka, 1909. 3bc48f3290ecc90f479d9524760441f1.jpg
Vojskovođe su zapovijedile svojim postrojbama da istrijebe bizone, kako bi onemogućili Indijancima njihov jedini izvor hrane, 1800. 192679793abfa2781848d86b7aed6070.jpg
Dan na poslu, WTC. 9adedfd46347277fad5c2518b4dd6a5b.jpg
Uhvaćen "Brancin" u Crnom moru, nedaleko od Catalina Islanda,
1900.(15,42 kg / svjetski rekord)

Prodaja kaputa(Copenhagen,Danska,1936.) e3964c2733fcdc16e5ad4b169ab7c2ad.jpg
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Ovako je originalno bio zatvoren Tutankhamunov grob 1922, pre nego sto je otvoren. Obratite paznju, a zato i stavljam sliku, na konopac, koji je originalno star preko 3 hiljade godina. OD KONOPLJE !!!! Sve je nekada bilo, do pocetka proslog veka, sto je nesto valjalo, od konoplje.


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Bilo nekad, a slično bi trebalo biti i danas, ali nažalost::nono::::nono::::nono:::murija::murija::murija:...

Farmer pozira sa svojim urodom. (Michigan, 1910.) 9d636dea749272c17cffc7ef5ab11600.jpg
Caliornia, 1973. - na sajmu baka osvaja prvu nagradu za svoju biljku konoplje. 89b5d624f414bd8dac2584df781b67af.jpg
Žetva (berba) na polju konoplje (cca. 1912.), tada se koristila za proizvodnju užadi (konopa).

Farmer u berbi na svom polju konoplje (Hanover, Pennsylvania, cca. 1908.) 80d72418789c83dbec1759e91d6793c5.jpg
Drogerija - kasne 1800 - te.
Dva čovjeka odmaraju u polju konoplje. (1880 - te)
1914. - žetva (berba) konoplje na novčanici od 10 $. b09b9708167990192b164abf80ef2a52.jpg
Čovjek (Bill Perelmutter) naslonjen na bale konoplje. (Seville, Spain 1956.) d38b21323abae5904bdf3a4c45b9c22d.jpg
1951. konoplja raste posvuda. Biljke visoke preko 2 m protežu se poljima od Williamsburga, preko Cobble Hilla, skroz na istok New Yorka. 7210d2438e256053b169a2e2fc9946a8.jpg
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