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Hello everyone on Vutra.

Let me do a short introduction.
First of all nice to meet you all here on the Vutra Forum.
I am ganjak3k or in the past cannabluebird on forums and on YouTube I still have some data.

Started many years ago on other forums that might be known to some.

This was ofcourse on soil.
About 5 years into growing soil and a few brands of nutrients I started doing Hydro culture on Mapito and with a eb and flow feeding system. This I did untill 2010 and my road in growing took an immediate stop.

Since last year i have picked back into growing for purely my own medicine and nothing else.
This had to be on a budget so I am still missing an airco, dehumidifier, humidifier and maybe even more.

We got to do it with what we have and what we can do ourselves.

I am going to kickstart with this dairy showing the progress on this wonderful strain and grow.

This will ofcourse have a proper value on information.

I will do this all in English yet will try to keep it in European standards of measurements and all around data.

Let's talk about my setup first.

1. A tent 70x70x160cm.

2. A led light DG4000W 450watt.

3. Exhaust engine with carbon filter of 12.5cm and 350m³ airflow maximum.

4. Inlet engine with carbon filter of 10cm and about 200m³ airflow maximum.

5. 1 fan for the ledlamp.
6. 2 fans that I can move around where it is needed.

7. Soil and nutrients is going to the supersoil mix from soma. That I already have prepared little more than a month ago.

This I started with 50L Plagron lightmix and 1 diy kit from Soma. With this i will need to brew tea about every week.

I have the Soma Compost tea with the soma mollases to brew my weekly tea.
And I did brew one to pre water the light mix for the seeds.
20220921_142548 (1).jpg

8. Soma Somango will be the strain used.

Somango from @Somaseeds.

Super Skunk – Big Skunk Korean – Jack Herer

Somango blends the multiple hybrid Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean to form the fruitiest of all Soma’s strains. Previously known by Soma #5, this complex cross was renamed for its tropical mango aroma and flavor. Somango is optimal as a multiple branch plant, since its genetics encourage long side branches and a height on the taller side. A sea of green method can still be undertaken, but branching and height will need to be controlled. Soma prefers to grow on soil indoors with fully organic nutrients, but other media will also give satisfactory results. As it matures, the leaves shade to purple and the buds become covered in a carpet of crystals that makes a fine finger hash. While a moderate yielder, Somango’s bud possesses sublime qualities. The fragrant and tasty Somango smoke delivers a buzz that is very uplifting and mentally stimulating in its effects. You can smoke this pot without turning into a remote control-wielding couch potato. Euphoric and alert, Somango is a good choice for shifting mental attitude and is a good companion to all of your favorite creative undertakings.

Indica: 75% Sativa: 25%

Min. yield: 25 grams
Flowering time 9-10 weeks

9. I added a few cans to produce some extra co².
This will be doubled or even tripled if needed and if possible.

The seeds sprouted after 27 hours and will go into Tea prewatered lightmix soil.


This was the tea that did brew 48hours.

These cups I will use to plant the 3 seeds where I will use 2 plants to continue.
Obviously that will be the strongest of 3.
20220921_144346 (2).jpg

After a week or so I will go to a step bigger pot. Then go to a fabrik pot 7 to 9l and then I will go in the full soil in fabrik pots of 30l.

This will be about it for this week update.
I don't know yet if I can do more updates as I will be in pretty busy schedule the coming year.

So if I miss an update. Then my sincere apologies.

See you all later in the next update of this diary.




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~ N=N P=P K=K
Before everything, i wish you a warm welcome here on our page. English section isn’t that rich as our other part, but with you now here, it a real pleasure. I hope that the rest of the community that speaks English will also welcome you in here :) Setup perfect. Strain nice. Do not top it please. Just lst :) :)
@Bizzzo Thank you for the welcome!

The setup is the pretty good with the basics we need to have a succesful grow.

The great part is, The growing on it's own is easy as pie with the soma way.

Will be Bringing some English content to the English section while I read step by step of the original language used on the forum.

The first tip on LST is taken seriously as I have seen other grows on the forum by now that did do the topping and that result is not what we look for. So LST it wil be. Each in their own direction so I can make the most use of my tiny space.

Thank you for the tips and coming by my diary.

With friendly regards


Poznanici Foruma
Poznanik Foruma
Welcome to our little community!

I agree with Bizzo about topping somango. I did it twice and the result is an extremely dense plant with very short branches.
It took me a ridiculous amount of time to fill the tent(0.8x0.8m)


Aktivan Član
Poznanik Foruma
Welcome GanjaK3k, I'm following and I wish you happy growing ::listomahanje::

I just have question or two
Why is there carbon filter on air inlet? You could go whith both fans on outlet an have much more air circulation and passive air inlet, and how come you have such powerfoul LED in such small box? it could easily cover 100*100 box.

Keep it green :D
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@Cyric Thanks bro much appreciated!

@Wendigo Thank you!

@Palma Thank you ✌️ I will follow the advice and not top any of them.
We don't want months of extra grow time.

@mravak Thank you and let me explain why I use a carbon filter as inlet.
This will make sure no or way less bugs get inside via intakes. What 75% of the case is that this happens and infest the indoor garden. And I do tend to use active inlet and not passive. This is way more easy to maintain controll for me.

The 450watt light was send to me because I won it. I started with 1 ts600 and soon a second ts600. After a few months I won that light with a giveaway. In time I will upgrade my tent to a little bit bigger. But not that much as I do this only for my own medicine supply and more is not needed.

Thank you everyone for your time and comments and questions.

See ya all laters in the next update or answer post.

Jolly Joker

Compost your enemies!
Prijatelj Foruma
Welcome and good luck with the grow! :respect: Love your style of keeping everything simple, diary included.

How did you end up on, if you don't mind me asking? :D

Oh, and what do you use in your CO2 jars?
@Jolly Joker Thank you!

I heard of this forum via @Bizzzo and asked him if I could join. So he said I was welcome in the English section. So I have found my way towards a forum what I also did many years ago. Not going to name them but I know there are few guys here that know guys that I know. Haha.

This single product is inside the tin containers and one plastic container where the product was shipped in.

Ammoniumbicarbonat is helping me here.

Thank you for the questions.


Prijatelj Foruma
dirty ol' town
Welcome to :vutra:

Nice setup dude. I used to steal some pantyhoses from my wifes closet and use it as air inlet filter, doesn't restrict air flow as much. If charcoal in your inlet carbon filter is densly packed exhaust engine may suffer...
I am sure u already know all of this.
Good luck ::listomahanje::
@Budfield Thank you for the welcoming.

The filters are barely used and there is no obstruction at all. The air moves the same at the moment when I remove the filter and feel the air.

Only AIR i have is clean air going in the tent.
No dust no eggs nor bugs. Only way in is when I open the tent.

After 4 to 5 runs a filter can run clogged and break the air flow. I used to clean my filter after 4 runs in the past.
And they did 2 more runs after it.

Panty's whas used by me in the past but found that eggs of bugs pass trough like nothing when they wear out after about 30days.

The engines are running low and don't make noise so not overpowering at all.
This I expect at the end of next year where I will replace the 2 filters.

Everything is cleaned properly after every run. What saves me a lot replacements parts. The ventilators that swing. Have a life of 6 months. And I am already over 12months.

Clean clean clean is the only way to keep your gear working and alive.

We all have our ways to do things. But I do this from around 1995 to 2010. And I do it again since I started again last year.

Thank you for your comment and questions and advice!

With kind greetings


Poznanici Foruma
Poznanik Foruma
Good day
that setup looks like primo to me
Good genetics, good soil ,and good people
Keep it green blessss......................................................
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Hello everyone on Vutra.

@Somaseeds Thank you sir.
It has only been Improved the last days.
So we will see what it all does for the ladies.

It's time for an update on the situation.
Been very busy and sick in the last 5 days.
Going on the better hand now.

I hope everyone is doing splendid!

It has been a great road towards today.
Did some minor changes to get me an even better and more stable climate as before just for a few euros.

The climate had been pretty decent and it has only improved.

Today I will show the start of the seedlings to the transplanting I did a few days ago.

They only had water and a very light soma compost tea.

And I just noticed that my phone did remove the pictures from the pots they went in before I planted them in the big 25l pots.

So my apologies for this one.
I have video from it on instagram so you are free to go and see there if you really would like to see that.

With the last transplant I did add a few grams mycorrhiza, It's not really needed but it's a test for myself.

Did an order in seeds and some more tea and mellases from Soma.

Also I have added a ultrasone humidifier to the tent.

And added the 3th plant in a small fabric pot.
The true destination of the 3th isn't known yet.
She was the backup.

The next pictures are taken a few days ago and it was day 22 that I did the transplant with the added mycorrhiza.



This is after the translanting was done.

After all that I made some rearrangement in the tent to create more order and easy acces.
20221015_172752 (1).jpg

This are them a sleep at night 24.
20221015_172822 (1).jpg
20221015_172816 (1).jpg
20221015_172811 (1).jpg

This will be it for now.

Hope to see you all on the next update and thank you being here reading this all.

Greetings Ganjak3k


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~ N=N P=P K=K
If only you Had enough soil to fill those pots to the top. In few good waterings that soil will sediment and you will have like half of that pot with soil. However, they will go full gas now when they have finally been transplanted. Can’t wait to see those girls in 7 days :D
Hello growmies.

@sone1 Thank you. The roots are good but could be better. This is lightmix from plagron. For me the best kickstarter of a good soil to start with. Also a good soil to mix the soma diy kit

Thank you The recovery is going slow. Still not 100% but 80%. We survived worse than this so will be good.


Yes indeed I was just short on new soil. Even I did add a bit of my previous run inside the mix to get some more but the bags can hold way more that they say. Specially if the soil is kept moist for a long time. It is sinking a little bit but not that much. I had expected it to sink in even more. For now that is still doing good.

Now they are in full soil I have been able to do the lst phase 1 and phase 2.

Meaning I did the lst in 2 steps so I am sure she not breaking and getting topped.


About 5 days ago I did the first phase lst and yesterday the second phase.
Doing so ik steps to not break her and top her. We don't want a topped somango that will take too much time.

They only had a tea 1 time a week.
And a very thin one.

The fan leafs where removed.
Nice dark healthy green.

Here is the reserve lady. Small pot 9 to 11l but filled with about 6 or 7l soil. A mix of soma soil and old soil I had from my previous run.

Lady 1 in big fabrikpot of 7gallon or 27l.

She was easy to bend innthe first phase.

Lady 2 was also pretty easy to bend but with little more care. 20221020_210746_copy_934x1245.jpg

All together in the tent.

In the next part where phase 2 took place.
Where I did bend then that little more.

This was day 28 yesterday.

The reserve lady.
20221022_225105_copy_867x1156.jpg 20221022_225150_copy_971x1295.jpg

Next lady after the phase 2 pulling them a little more down.

Now the other lady.

And all together in a fotoshoot.

So this was it for today.
Hope you all can enjoy the growth and what has been done so far.

Will be doing some trimming soon but first they need to recover from the handling.

See you all in the next update

Greetings Ganjak3k