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Hey guys!

Here is the thread for all our official announcements! Be sure to check it from time to time not to miss some good deal ;)

And here is the first one!

Our Halloween Sale is 4 Nights Away…

The clock is ticking, candy is getting stacked, and it’s a reminder that we’re getting really close to the spookiest deal of the year at Herbies!

On October 29th, 30th, and 31st,
you’ll have a startling opportunity to renew your seed collection with our up to 15% Off Halloween Sale! The participating strains will be changed daily, so keep your eye out to snatch the best deals before anyone else.

To lift your spirits even more, you should know that ordering any of our seeds during the Halloween Sale automatically makes you eligible to participate in a draw of three personal 100 EUR promo codes – that’s a lot in general, and it’s even more in seeds! So, don’t miss out!

Learn More Here.

Happy Halloween,

It’s finally here!

The candles are lit, the costumes are ready, and the prices are slashed – you can start enjoying the benefits of the spookiest deal of the year, the Halloween Sale at Herbies!

From today on, you’ll have 3 days of up to 15% discounts on premium hand-picked varieties at Herbies, changed daily! All you need to do to get a discount is choose seeds from our Halloween Sale Collection and apply the promo code HALLOWEED at checkout!

The discount isn’t the only perk of this deal – every customer who orders a participating strain during Herbies’ Halloween Sale becomes eligible to win one of the three personal 100 EUR promo codes – keep shopping so you don’t miss out!

Visit our special collection here!

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween,

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE AT HERBIES: Up to 90% Off and Other Surprises!

For this year’s Black Friday, it’s more than just a regular sale! We’re offering discounts of up to 90% on our hit genetics and hidden gems, along with some other great perks. You’ll have 7 days, from 00:00 November 23rd to 00:00 November 30th (PST), to snatch our best seeds with the lowest ever prices!

Strains with the special Black Friday discount include, but aren’t limited to, extra potent photoperiods from Barney’s Farm, the front-running autoflowers from FastBuds, and many more time-proven varieties from Pyramid, Heavyweight, Sweet Seeds, and all of your other favorite seed banks.

The the top-selling seeds from Herbies’ very own bank are also on sale!

Meet our 30% THC Grandmommy Purple, massive-yielding Blueberry Hill, flavorful Mimosa Shot, and our versatile seed mixes and other items all with up to 35% off!


During the same period from 00:00 November 23rd to 00:00 November 30th (PST), we’ll be encouraging growers who shop big with free seeds from Humboldt Seeds Organization – rare items of the highest quality:

Spend 80 EUR and receive +1 Gorilla Breath

Spend 100 EUR and receive +1 Sugar Breath

Spend 120 EUR and receive +1 Amherst Sour Diesel

You can find dozens of participating strains on our Black Friday page!

And as per usual, all other Herbies deals remain in place! This means our Black Friday week can get even more beneficial for you than what we’ve described above. To see all bonuses and deals you’re eligible for, try out the Bonus Calculator on our Promos page.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out all the strains on Black Friday sale and start stacking up on seeds!

Invest now while the prices are hitting the rock bottom, and plant whenever you like!

Happy growing!

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-30% popusta na Soma Seeds. Kod: vutra30
Hi Herbies,

I was checking the offer and I have the question cos it seems that you have a bug on the page?

it says here that discount is 90% but the price stays the same…Doesn’t matter which package I choose, except 3 seed package?
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Thank you for your question!

For some strains only specific packs are discounted in the Black Friday promo. For example, Medical Amnesia Mac marihuana fem by Kera Seeds is on sale only in 3 seeds pack. But we've already notified our technical department about the fake discount displayed there.

Let me know if you have any other questions or don't hesitate to contact our Support Team, using an online chat on our website: https://herbiesheadshop.com/

Hope it helps!

Herbies Seeds
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If Christmas is doing a little something extra for somebody, then we’re doing it right! For this year’s Christmas season, Herbies is offering up to 50% off our dankest strains and up to 3 extra seeds, for orders larger than 80 EUR - all that in addition to the regular Herbies freebies! These miraculous deals will last for a whole week from 00:00 December 21st to 00:00 December 28th (PST).

The list of strains that go on discount this Christmas is huge and just a little short of a whole hundred genetics. We’ve hand-selected these varieties to suit growers of all experience levels, while delivering punchy flavors and consistently high THC levels reaching 29%.

That’s not it, during the same week, big orders over 80 EUR get up to 3 extra free seeds of some of our favorite genetics!

And as always, the rest of Herbies’ deals and bonuses don’t go anywhere! Use this chance to fill your seeds collection to the brim: browse our Christmas Sale collection, get seeds in your cart, up your total to at least 80 EUR, and that will grant you at least 5 free top-notch seeds for a whole new garden of home-grown cannabis! If you’re a part of a big operation, or simply want to stock up for later, that’s a deal you can’t miss out on. 1200-630.jpg
Your New Year gifts from Herbies Seeds are here!

Let’s get your drawers full of seeds for a great year of growing ahead!

From 00:00 December 30th to 00:00 January 8th (PST), you can shop our special New Year Sale collection with up to 22% discounts. Besides that, in the same period, when you surpass 80 EUR in total, you’ll get up to three extra seeds on top of our regular bonuses.

Remember, the rest of Herbies’ deals and bonuses remain active during the New Year Sale, which makes this time even more profitable for growers. Our seeds are always fresh, so even if you aren’t planning to grow before summer, just stock up and let them wait – the seeds will remain full of life until you decide to plant.

Also, 2021 was a really nice year!

If you question yourself why do we think like this, the answer is very simple: we’ve joined Vutra family and can’t thank you all enough for your support and warm welcome here. Please receive our small present - a promo code “HAPPYNY” which gives an opportunity to get a special festive pack (5 seeds) by Delicious Seeds with every order!

Enough reading for now – make sure to get the seeds that catch your eye asap before stocks run out!

And of course…

Happy New Year, everybody!
Be happy, healthy, high and spread the love :)

With love,
Herbies Seeds

Today is a special day, because we are happy to let you know about our new mascot!
Please welcome - Herbie, or as we call him here at Herbies, Herbie the Adorable :)

We already absolutely love him - hopefully, you will feel the same about this charming creature :sun2:

Here is a little message from him:

"Hi, guys! My name’s Herbie, and I’m just a weed plant fresh off the pot looking for some friends. I feel like we could totally become best buds for life – do you wanna give it a go?
I know it’s just the beginning of our journey, but I’m already pretty sure it’s going to be major! I can almost smell them, all those sweet moments and great achievements we’ll have together. I was born from the sincerest love of growing, and I’m ready to give it back.
So, are you in?"

The full message by Herbie: https://herbiesheadshop.com/blog/meet-our-new-mascot

We're happy to share this special moment with you all, dear Vutra family :gled:

Herbies at Canapa Mundi - our little journey!

This happened!

We are glad to let you know that Herbies has attended the Canapa Mundi Festival - for the first time in a while! We became the Platinum Sponsor of this wonderful cannabis event, and even more - an exhibitor. It was a brand new experience for us as the new seed bank!

We've added a new chapter to our history book - and we are glad to share it with all of you.

Any ideas of other festivals you'd like to see us at?

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What better way to celebrate International Weed Day than a good deal on cannabis seeds? This is your chance to lay the foundations for your biggest harvest to date – our 4/20 Sale is on!

From 00:00 April 18 to 00:00 April 25 (PST) you can buy some of our best cannabis seeds with great discounts, but remember: the bigger the discount, the sooner seeds will be out of stock. Don't forget to pay a special attention to our Dessert Mix, which includes our brand new strain - Apple Betty with its 33% THC!

Just like always, free seeds added to your order are on us, as well as other Herbies deals, which will remain active during the 4/20 Sale.

Go check out our full 4/20 Sale collection, and remember, the stock is limited!
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Herbie's Birthday Sale!

Our best bud Herbie has just arrived into this world but has already made us incredibly proud! He was born in a loving garden, went on to become Herbies’ green mascot, and won over countless hearts at Canapa Mundi 2022 – and now it’s time to celebrate his birthday!

For this big occasion, we’re throwing a party with discounts and prizes. From 00:00, May 18 to 00:00, May 25 (PST), you can get any seed from our own seed bank, Herbies Seeds, with up to 35% off!

And what’s a birthday without gifts? During the same week, make a large order and participate in the birthday draw of brand-new Herbies merch!

Sale Collection
More info on the draw

Up to 35% off Herbies Seeds Mixes!

Seasoned growers know that if you need to pack a grow room with great genetics and not spend a fortune, you go for seed mixes! This time around, we’ve decided to make our own mix packs even more affordable.

From 00:00 July 19th to 00:00 July 26th (PST), you can get any mix pack from Herbies Seeds with a discount of up to 35%. Seeds in mix packs are already cheaper than the same strains bought separately, and this discount brings the prices per seed to an all-time low. Pay less – grow more!

Every mix pack from Herbies Seeds has a distinctive feature to it and contains three individually-labeled veils with five seeds divided by strain, making a total of 15 seeds.

Make sure to check them all out here and get your favorites with a discount while they’re still available! Plus, as always, during the sale week, the rest of our bonuses and deals remain active. Combine them to make the most profit out of this purchase!

Free Seed + Joint Holder With Every Order

For those stocking up and preparing for the winter, we’ve got a special promotion on offer. This time around, we’ll be giving out free gifts with every order as a thank you for your loyalty and support!

For every order placed on Herbies, you’ll get a free Gorilla Cookies Auto seed and a fancy joint holder* to keep your spliff safe. This deal was made possible thanks to our collaboration with the world-famous breeder Fast Buds.

Hurry to seize this opportunity! The offer is valid from 00:00 September 5th to 00:00 September 19th (PDT) or until the bonus items are in stock.

*More info here!

HalloWEED Sale: Up to 35% Off These Killer Strains

Halloween is right around the corner, and to celebrate the spooky season, we’re displaying our wacky weird side. As stoners, the opportunities are much greater! Rather than go trick-or-treating, why not trick-or-treat yourself and get some dank without breaking the bank?

We know you love a discount – that’s why we’re launching a spooky good offer from 00:00 October 28th (PDT) to 00:00 November 1st (PDT). During this time, you can save up to 35% on some of our premium cannabis strains.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! While this offer lasts, you can also get 1 extra free Orange Buddy Auto seed with any order using our promo code ORANGEPARTY. Enter it at checkout to enjoy your bonus.

Check out the sale now!

Black Friday Sale With Up to 80% Discounts

Black Friday is almost upon us, and we’re all preparing for the holiday rush. This year, our deals are better than they’ve ever been. We’re offering huge savings on dozens of top-quality cannabis seeds – if you want to go green this Black Friday, there’s no better place to do it than Herbies!

From 00:00 November 23rd to 00:00 November 30th (PST), everything listed in our Black Friday Sale will be discounted by up to 80%. We’ll have deep price tag slashes on strains from our own seedbank, Herbies Seeds, as well as on some other companies including Barney’s Farm, Original Sensible Seeds and Pyramid Seeds.

During Black Friday sale days, we’ll also have a special offer on the table. Grandmommy Purple, one of the strongest strains on the market, will be available in double packs at half the original price. Herbies’ Black Friday Packs vary in size – you can get 2, 6, 10, or 20 seeds – but the discount remains the same at 50% off!

As always, this deal stacks with all other active promos and bonuses. If you want to get a head start on the savings, you’ll find discounted strains here! 1200-630.jpg