Questions about growing in Croatia

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Greetings from America. This looks like a great site. I'm wondering what the deal is with growing in Croatia. I live in Colorado, which has legalized Medical MJ, so growing can be done within the law. I have a friend in Croatia who's considering setting up a basic indoor grow, and I'm thinking the penalties are too severe, so i have a few questions.
1) Can he use the electricity needed w/o attracting attention?
2) Can he acquire the lights, fans, filters, and other gear in country w/o attracting attention?
3) Whats the Growing Scene like in Croatia? Is it very rare to grow? Just what are the penalties, and how aggressively do they prosecute? Fines? Probation? Jail?

Just lookin for some basic insight from a local. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Welcome friend to the naughty club...
first two questions,the answer is : like every wher...-YOU CAN!!!
on the last questions,is better to smobady from Croatia, give you answer...(cops in the USA/ are much more agreseive!!!)


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:vb_wave: Hi there

1) Yes, no problem with electric company as long as he pays the bill.
2) Yes, no one will ask what is for, but he should know exactly what he needs.
Salesman's usually ask what do you need stuff for if you don't ask specific items, so they could help you with selecting "best" stuff for you needs.
3) Grow scene is very "underground" style :vb_kez:, as with any country with strict laws about it.
So even if your closest neighbor is grower, you wont know it :icon_wink:
This forum is for whole ex. Yugoslavia block, and there are more and more new growers coming "out" everyday.

And about law.
Penalties are very strict, sole possession is money fine or jail up to 1 year.
For growing or selling law says its 1 year minimum up to 10 years.
Problem with our law is that there are no specified amounts or personal use.
So if you are caught with 3g or 500g in front of law its same, and than you can only pray that you get nice judge.

Good thing (or bad) is that in every region in country regional judges rule differently.
So depending on judge you can get only money fine, money fine + probation (and drug tests), get all charges dropped ... or you could get some jail time.

What you shouldn't do is sell, ever! In that case jail time is guarantied, even if you have precise scale in house and pigs find it, you can be charged for intention to sell (same thing as selling).
And never pack you stash in small pvc bags, as that looks like it is for selling.
Glass jars are best :icon_smile:

To summarize, don't get caught :icon_lol:
But if you don't expose yourself too much while you are outside, there shouldn't be any problems, and be paranoid. Paranoia is good :icon_lol: lol

p.s. If your friend has internet, tell him to join us here :icon_wink:
This forum is in foreign country and its under SSL so every message is encrypted.
No worreyz :pat: cops cant touch us on teh internets :icon_lol:

Peace :hippy:
Thanks for the replies. I sent him the link, so he should be checking out the site today. Are there actually grow shops in Croatia? Shops that sell high quality lights, fans, nutrients, and other gear? Also, whats the deal w growing in Montenegro? Is that a different vibe than Croatia?


i think there are some growshops in zagreb but not for sure... and growing is big lol there is a lote grow around the main towns...
He-Man je napisao(la):
even if you have precise scale in house and pigs find it, you can be charged for intention to sell (same thing as selling).
And never pack you stash in small pvc bags, as that looks like it is for selling.
yikes! That is good to know... it makes sense but it's a bit crazy if the scale is only ever for personal use (since the amounts here are sometimes very overpriced, so it comes in handy to know if you got ripped-off or not...)

And yes, there is a smartshop in downtown Zagreb that sells some grow supplies, bong screens, etc. but it's not as well stocked as growshops in Holland or America!