Slang of the 1960’s

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Bekaa Valley

A Gas
: Having a lot of fun, as in “That’s a gas!”.
All Showand No Go: Pretty car. Nice wheels and so forth. Looks good put has no go power.
Almost Home: Near the end of a project.
Ankle biters:Little children.
Ape: Used with verbs gone or went. (i.e. "When I came home an hour late my parents went ape.)

A form of address used in an informal greeting.
Bad: Awesome.
Bad Pipes: A sore throat.
Bad scene: An unpleasant event.
Bag: Meant to steal. Who bagged my wallet? Also "what's your bag?", which meant "What's your problem?"
Bag some food for the brain: To study diligently.
Ball: To have fun; or to have a party.
Bat phone: Police officer's phone.
Be there or be square: The cool people will be gathering at a certain place.
Beach bunny: Non-surfing girl at the beach.
Bearded: Tricked.
Beat Feet: Leave the area quickly.
Beat It: Leave quickly.
Beautiful people: Kindred hippie spirits.
Bench Racing:When a few of the guys are sitting down talking about how fast a specific person’s car is; or discussing who could beat who in a drag race.
Bent: Grouchy; slightly annoyed.
Big deal: Something of no consequence.
Birdie biker: Female motorcyclist.
Blade: A knife.
Blast: Something spectacular; a lot of fun; had a great time like "I had a blast at the dance."
Blitzed: Drunk.
Bod: Body or physique.
Bogart: To injure or hurt.
Bone Yard: Auto wrecking yard.
Bomb: A total failure.
Boob tube: Television.
Book it: Leave the scene.
Bookbusters: Students who study hard.
Bookin': Going real fast, usually in a car.
Boss: Cool, fantastic, or super, as in “The new album I just bought is boss!”
Box: A record player.
Boxes: Guitars.
Brain drain: Emigration of a country's scientists.
Bread: Money.
Brew: Beer.
Brights: White socks.
Brody or Brody Out: To skid half a circle with your brakes locked up.
Bug: To annoy someone.
Bug Out: Leave the premises.
Bum trip: An unpleasant event.
Bummed Out: Depressed.
Bummer: Unpleasant experience.
Bumped: Fired, dismissed.
Burn one: Play a song.
Burn Rubber: Squeal out with your tires spinning and leaving rubber on the asphalt.
Burned: Cheated.

: a guy.
Catch somerays: sunbather.
ChalkTalk: A lecture in school.
Change the channel: To change the topic of conversation
Chick: a young woman.
Chicken (To Play): Two cars drive head on towards each other and the first to pull away is a coward.
Chicken head: A person who bothers you.
Chill: To ignore.
Chinese Firedrill: A Car is stopped at a red light and all occupants of the car get out of the car and run around it and get backin the car while holding up traffic.
Choice: really cool; good looking.
Chop: to cut down verbally.
Chops: Teeth.
Chrome Dome: a bald guy.
Church Key: Before pop-top cans, there were openers that were designed to puncture the soda can to drink from it.
Clanked: Tired.
Clean: Knowing the right thing to do.
Clue you in: To explain.
Clutz: Awkward person.
Clyde: A person that one insults or dislikes; a clumsy person.
College: Jail.
Coming Off: going on, happening.
Cool: Nice.
Cool Head: nice guy.
Cool it: calm down.
Cool your chops: To shut your mouth.
Copasetic: very good; all right, as in "no problem."
Copping out: To renege, break a promise.
Cords: Corduroy pants which were a size too small so they could be worn very tight.
Crash: Go to bed; go to sleep.
Crash pad: Place to sleep.
Crocked: Intoxicated.
Cut out: To leave without ceremony.
Cut up: To make jokes or pull pranks.

Daddy's Car
: A car that was very conservative looking; that might be owned by your parents.
Dance holes in your soles: To dance energetically.
Deb's delight: Eligible bachelor.
Deck: To knock someone out in a fight.
Decked Out: All Dressed Up.
Deuce and a quarter:A Buick Electra 225.
Dibs: Used with the word got. "I got dibs on that seat." Meaning you own it.
Dig: Do you understand?
Ding-a-ling: Odd person, nerd.
Dip: A person that one dislikes or insults.
Ditz: An idiot.
Do your own thing: Do it your own way.
Don't Flip Your Wig: Don’t get upset.
Don't Have A Cow: Don’t get upset.
Don't Sweat It: Don't let it bother you.
Dork: A person who is hopelessly out of touch with the present.
Dove: Peace lover.
Downer: An unpleasant experience.
Drag: Someone or something that's boring.
Drop a dime: To inform on someone.
Dropout: Nonconformist.
Dude: A geek; clumsy; uncoordinated; one the speaker dislikes a male.
Dullsville: Boring.

Eat Dirt
: To receive brutal criticism.
Eatin’ grapes off of the wallpaper: Very disturbed about something.


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Bekaa Valley
: Attractive, exciting, fantastic.
Fab Four: The Beatles, a British rock group of the 1960s.
Fake out: To fool somebody.
Fat City: A good situation.
Fell out: Went to sleep.
Finger poppin’: Snapping your fingers.
Fink: Tattletale.
Fink out: to back out, quit.
Five Finger Discount: Anything acquired by theft.
Five on five: Shake hands with someone.
Flake: A useless person.
Flake off: Scram or get lost.
Flake out: A disappointment; a flop.
Flap jaw: A talkative person.
Flee the scene: To leave.
Flick: A movie.
Flip Flops: Thongs that you wore on your feet.
Flip side: the song on the reverse side of a record.
Flower child: hippie, member of the counterculture.
Fly right: To be honest.
For real: truly, indeed.
Fox: An outstanding, attractive looking chick.
Freak out:To lose control.
Freedom riders: Civil rights protesters.
Froggy-doos: Canvas shoes.
Frost: To anger.
Funky: Down to earth, acceptable.
Funny money: Counterfeit bills.
Funky: Excellent.
Fuzz: The police.

: Something spectacular, fun, and amusing.
Gasser: The very best.
Generationgap: Difference between youth and their parents.
Get it together: Straighten out one's life.
Get-up-and-go: Energy, pep.
Get With The Words: A command to start talking.
Gig: A party; a job for a musician.
Gimme some skin: Shake hands.
Give me some sugar: To kiss.
Glad rags: Dress clothes.
Glasspacks: Mufflers lined with fiberglass to muffle the sound. The shorter the muffler the louder the sound.
Glitch: An obstacle.
Go ape: Lose control.
Go-go: Of discotheques or a style of music.
Go with the flow: To relax, be passive.
Going Steady: If you were "going steady," you were dating only one special person.
Gone: Cool, groovy, neat, neato.
Greaser: Person with long oily hair.
Grody: Disgusting.
Groove: A record.
Groove yard: A record store.
Groovin’: Enjoying something.
Groovy: Outstanding, nice,"cool" or neat.
Gross: Repulsive.
Grossed out: Disgusted.
Grubs: Old, comfortable clothing.
Grungy: Shabby, dirty.
Gutt Waddin': Any type of cheap fast food, to fill you up and take the hunger away.

: Cope.
Hacked or Hacked Off: Mad or upset.
Hairy: Out of control or difficult.
Hang a left: Make a left turn.
Hang it up: To quit.
Hang loose: Relax, take it easy.
Hang tough: To persevere or endure.
Hang-up: Problem.
Happening: Special event or a good party.
Hassle: To fight.
Hawk: War supporter.
Heat: The police.
Heavy: Powerful, deep thought, or sad.
Hip: Very Cool.
Hodad: A non-surfer who just hangs around the beach.
Hog: A Cadillac.
Home plate: Where you live.
Hood: Small-time, petty criminal.
Hopped up: Souped up like a car.
Hot dog: Show-off.
Hot Wax: Avery popular phonograph record.
Hunk: What a girl calls a good-looking guy.
Hustle: To persuade or pressure.

Idiot stick
: Someone who acts as he was not very smart.
In Crowd: The group of popular people.
In the groove: A member of the in-crowd.

: A party.
Jam the box: To play a phonograph record.
Jazzed: Elated, excited.
Jive: Talk that makes no sense.
Johnny Law: The police.
Juice: Inside, confidential information.

Kicks: A pastime; an activity done for pleasure.
Killer: Extremely good.
Kiss off: Todismiss.
Kissup: A person that will do anything to please another person in authority.
Konk: The head.
Konk class: School.

Laid back
: Relaxed.
Lame: Pathetic.
Later: Goodbye.
Lay A Patch: Burn rubber with car wheels as you leave.
Lay It On Me: Tell me or speak your piece.
Lay out: To sunbathe.
Leaner: A freeloader.
"Let's hat up": Generally used in the military. Since you had to wear a hat while in uniform while outside so when leaving a building you would say "lets hat up."
Let’s here some lingo: A command to start talking.
Lingo: Speech or language dialect.
Lip Flappin': Talking about things of little importance.
Loaded: Intoxicated or drunk.
Lose your cool: To lose one’s temper or to become flustered.


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Bekaa Valley
: An extremely fast and good-looking car.
Make Out:Kissing.
Make Tracks: To leave in a hurry.
Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: It was used to get the storyteller back on track to the story he was telling. In other words, get to the point. It was meant to keep it short. Phrase came from serial westerns.
Mess and a half: A situation which has degenerated beyond what you can handle.
Mickey Mouse: Out of touch with styles and trends.
Midnight Auto Service: Car thieves.
Midnight Auto Supply: Stolen auto parts.
Mileage: Wrinkles.
Mint: Fine; excellent; great.
Mod: Modern, in fashion.
Mop-top: One with a Beatle haircut.
Mover: Influential person.
Music machine: A radio, jukebox, or phonograph.
My Man: A very good friend.

: Sharp.
Nifty: Useful, good.
Nitty-Gritty: The core of truth.
No Sweat!: No problem.
No Way!: Definitely not!
Nose: The front end of a surfboard.
Not to cool: Devious, unfair.
Now: Fashionable.
Nowhere: Not very good; not acceptable.

Off the wall
: Strange.
Old Lady:Referred to Mom.
Old Man: Referred to Dad.
On the hook: Responsible for the outcome of something.
On the turf: Looking for work.
Out of his tree: Crazy.
Out of sight: Great, unbelievable.

Public Display of Affection.
Pack it in:To get rid ofsomeone or something.
Pad: Bed, place to sleep.
Paper Shaker: Cheerleader.
Passion Pit: Drive-in Movie.
Pay one’s dues: To pay for making a mistake.
Payola: Money, a bribe.
Peel Out: Burn or leave rubber with your car.
Peepers: Eyeglasses.
Percolate!: Let it happen!
Pig: Cop.
Pig Out: Overeat.
Pit Guard: Under arm deodorant.
Pits: Disgusting, unpleasant.
Plastic:Artificial, fake; less than genuine.
Pokey: Jail.
Poop: The latest information.
Pound: To beat up somebody i.e. "I'm gonna pound you.
Psychedelic: Bright, dreamy patterns of light or color.

- - -

: To sleep.
Rag top: Convertible.
Rags: Clothes.
Rap: To talk, chart.
Rap session: Discussion.
Rat: Someone who informs on you.
Rat fink: Detestable person; someone who informs on you.
Ratty: Unfair; in bad condition.
Rays: Sunshine.
Real People: An honest, sincere, candid person.
Rents: Parents.
Right on: Yes, okay; a term of agreement.
Righteous: Very good.
Ring on the ring-a-ling:Call on the telephone.
Rip off: Robbery, theft.
Rockin’Out: Really good fun; spectacular.
Rumble: To fight, especially a gang-related fight.

Sealed With A Kiss.
Sack out: To go to sleep.
Sad: An expression of disapproval.
Scene: The place where something is happening.
Scratch: Money.
Scurvy: Ugly; weird; not having a neat appearance.
Shades: Sunglasses.
Shot down: Rejected.
Shotgun: Passenger seat in the front seat ofa car next to the door. The place of honor. You had to call out "shotgun" first to win the honor. Once you vacate the car the honor is once again up for grabs.
Showme your coins: Lend me money.
Shrink: Psychiatrist.
Shuck: A phony.
Shut your face: Stop talking!
Sit in:To take over an area in protest.
Skinny: The latest information.
Skirt: A girl.
Skuzz: Low down, disgusting person
Skuzz bucke: Ugly car
Slam Book: A pass around book filled with questions to answer on your fellow classmates.
Snap case: A bizarre person.
Snuff: To ignore or to break a date.
Soak up some rays: To sunbathe.
Sock it to me: Let me have it; or say what it is that you have to say.
Sosh: Meaning a person who is stuck-up, snooty, and thinks they are better than everyone else.
Sounds: Music, good music.
Spaced out: Completely inattentive.
Spiffy: Neat, good.
Split: Leave the scene or area (Also see cut out).
Square: Somebody not “cool”.
Squaresville: A dull place.
Stay loose: To remain poised;calm.
Stood Up: A no-show for a date.
Straight: Not using drugs.
Street people: The homeless or poor.
Strung out: Disturbed,word.
Stuck Up: Conceited.
Submarine Races: Parking next to a water shore to wait for the submarine races to which of course was only an excuse to park and make out. For your information there were no such thing as a submarine race.
Sweat: To worry.

To be caught doing something wrong.
Take care of business (T.C.B.): To do something well.
Talkin’trash: Gossiping, lying, exaggerating.
Teach: A teacher.
Tear it up: To come on strong.
Teenie bopper: Young teen rock fan.
Teenies: Tennis shoes.
Tell it like it is: Talk candidly.
The man: Anyone in authority.
Thick: Naïve; dense; dumb.
Ticked off: Angry.
Tight: Very friendly.
ThinkFast: It usually was used to tell you to get ready because someone was tossing you something.
Thumb: To hitchhike.
Threads: Clothes.
Tight: Close to someone; great friendship.
Together: Free of anxiety.
Tones: Phonograph records.
Tooling: To cruise or drive around without aim.
Torn up: Hurt, depressed.
Total: Completely demolish.
Tough: Great looking.
Tough toenails: Too bad.
Town Talk: Speech using big words.
Trash: To destroy.
Treads: Sneakers, shoes.
Tuesday: Later, never.
Tuff: Excellent.
Tuna (or Big Tuna): A fat person.
Tune in: Pay attention.
Tune out: Ignore.
Tunes: Songs.
Turn off: To repulse someone.

: The best.
Uncool: Bad, tense; tactless, naïve.
Unreal: Outstanding; or very difficult.
Up front: Open, straightforward, upright.
Uptight: Nervous, tense; bound by convention and unable to enjoy life.

: Person's aura.

A parent or adult authority figure.
Wax: A phonograph record.
Way out: Beyond explanation.
Weeds: Cigarettes.
What a bum trip: Such a wasted effort or waste of time.
What a gas!: What fun!
What-say: An expression of greeting.
What’s happening?: A greeting, answered by :Everything’s everything.
What’s the deal?:What is happening.
Wheels: A car.
Whizkid: Intelligent child.
Wicked: Extraordinarily good.
Wig: The mind.
Wig out: To lose control.
Wipe-out: Fell off of surfboard; lost control of a car and had an accident.
Wiped out:Exhausted,drained.
Wow: Fantastic.
What's Your Bag, Man?: What's your problem?
Woody Wagon: A wood-sided station wagon used to transport surfboards and surfers to and from the beach.

- - -

You ain’t too cool:
You don’t know what is happening.
You take care of the hot dogs and I’ll take care of the orange drinks: You do your part and I’ll do mine; or mind your own business.
Yuck: expression of disgust.

Zap: Wipe out, defeat.
Zilch: Zero.
Zit: Pimple; a facial blemish.
Zot: Zero; nothing.