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Krvave Bjeloočnice
Trichome City
Try this simple rule of thumb for fixing nutrient problems in plants:

Look at the whole plant. If it has spotted leaves (and there are no bugs or molds), it is probably over-fed or the pH is too low. If it has chlorotic leaves at the top of the plant, add micro nutrients. If it has chlorotic leaves at the bottom of the plant and the chlorosis is progressing upwards, add macro nutrients (N especially).

I also caution that if you attempt to identify single-nutrient deficiency or toxicity you will soon find yourself immersed in a byzantine quagmire of second guesses and impossible-to-confirm (unless you can do leaf-tissue analysis) diagnoses. It is a sure route to headaches and compounded problems. Further underscoring the futility of such an approach is the simple fact that you will probably not be able to buy single-nutrient supplements!

Here is my flow chart for solving problems. It is broken into mobile and immobile nutrient deficiencies (not toxicities). Begin at the top of the mobile chart:

image.jpeg image.jpeg