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Weed Killah

Aktivan Član
evo ako tko ima kakvih uradaka koje bi volio podijeliti neka ih napise ovdje..

mene uglavnom pere kad sam zaljubljen pa je vecina na tu temu :)


spuštajuci oblaci noseci osjecaj drame i snova gore

gore tako prekrasno. Priroda me voli.

Rasipajuci svoju raskoš pokušava mi olakšati bivstvo i trud.

Rijeci su tako isprazne.. Ista slova u raznim bojama nisu dovoljna.

Kada bih barem znao slikati. Bojama docarati stanje uma.

Stanje uma koji proživljavajuci svoje želje i snove,

sanjajuci o sreci, razapinje sudar sa stvarnošcu.

Da, volim sebe. No i više volim tvoje bice.

I siguran sam da sam dobro odlucio.

jedna iz vremena kad sam bio u depri, btw, ispricavam se onima koji ne razunmiju engleski, a oni koji znaju nadam se da nece imati problema sa slengom :)


its all an ilusion,

when all cards fall down, a man iz alone..

its just too hard, it makes no sence but it iz what it iz.

when u want something, it doeznt count..

when u deserve somethin it doeznt count..

there iz no such thing az logic and thots dont count neida

a man haz to love himself. What if he hates himself, hiz life hez whole exsistance.

den da reason to live haz to b in somebody else.. And there iz nobody else..

tryin doeznt count

beein good doeznt count

havin patience doeznt count

what are tears worth if nobody seez them

they make u hate urself even more.

never told it before..

i hate myself, im ashamed of myself

think what u want to think, my life iz my own to take

if i decide to take it noone of you deserves to comment it

noone of u deserve to judge me

noone haz the right even to think about it

noone could c tru my fake hapiness

noone ever will

i cry. so what. i hurt. so what

you can all go fuck urself

noone wuz here when i needed u


noone shud feel sorry

questions will be asked

dont answer them

none of you are worthy

i hate u all and i hate myself

im trapped.

Like an animal dat i am

Weed Killah

Aktivan Član
jos jedna iz dana koje zelim zaboraviti..

wet pillow

Da silence of a cold night is braken by a sound of a grown man cry,
he knows da feelings he has must die, the struggle within tears him apart
He wants to die
It is hard to be a warm shelter in this cold world
makes me think if hiz even colder destiny iz allready fortold.

Freezing spikes of dissapointment and fear stabbed in his spine
for the first time he undarstands da old homeless man drinking wine
His world was once colored too till da grey sorrow took da color away.
now all he has left iz his cardboard box and a bottle of sourd wine.

I wanted to b a bulldozer and tare down walls,
hav my picture painted with a milion colors..
Now i realise im too week and da colors are bleached
Wish ground beneath me disappears or opens wide and eats me alive.

Yes dat man iz I. I tryed to hide it. I dunno why
What is da point of beein alive when chance is so strong
and everything i do comes out so wrong
Da more i try to make it right,
da more tearz come in my eyez and i looz my sight.

All i ever wanted wuz to make u happy and smile
so i could smile with u, atleast for a while.
What i need i cant ask from you and i know,
what i need u to see, i cant show.

all i can say iz
sorry im me

jedna s pocetka... iz recimo faze frustracije :)


My armz are too short to box with satan
every time i try i end up in mud
den i stand up but whats da point
anoda loss from da big boss

Constrictin stone walls, like a girl crushin my balls
black fairys swallowing my soul, eatin from a diamond bowl
Standin lost in a strange town, a black crown watchez
givin da signalz to blood eatin witchez.

Im sick of it all, now i kill u all n go play sum 8-ball
Takin out my katana, by god, i will slice u all like a fuckin banana.
Final look in my shiny blade n i see da black eye satan gave me.
Blood boilz,made my neck bonez pop, fo da last time i warn em all to stop

dey didnt..

Az my sword enters,from da witchez liver drips black blood
dark fairyez with deyr heads cut off still screamin loud, horrible sound
black crown feathers all around, da sounds get quieter az my sword gets bloodier
fast moves from right to left and soon.. derz nothin left

corpses decompose, my arms get longer n da mind grows stronger
im heaven razah, for all da people dat werent strong enough

Takin my half eaten soul makin da most of it,
az i put it inside me it started to recuperate
evil and dark must be defeated and now i know it can b done
you all, listen to me, u just hav to b strong.

If satan doeznt come to hiz senses,
one day i will come back and tare down all of hiz evil empire fences
puttin da smile on peoples faces is what drives me
now theres much self confidence inside me...

Never again shall i tremble in fear, not knowing what i feel
if nothing else, i will cut down all evil with my cold steel
i am scared no more, i will try to enjoy my life fo sure

without my soul, she wouldnt love me no more and that wuz da reason
to kill dark forces, to end da devils season
i would nevah do it for my self, become da heaven razah
im not strong enough..

Thinkin she could hurt drives me insane
dat iz when i feel like destroyin da evil, not to get fame
i do it for da ones who cant and mostly for her, her well beein

Cuz im a warrior and she iz my queen

Weed Killah

Aktivan Član

Derz sumthin drivin my mind insane, ocupyin my thots night n day..
Black sheeps, white sheeps runnin all around at da speed of sound, bound to crash. Makes me wonder if my mind iz trash.

Did i smoke too much? Or not enuf? White butterfly whisperes in da night..
Maybe hez right, i dun giv a fuck im myself, im I. Why?

Im ko, sumtimes slow, makin legends of dawn... thinkin bout her all day, all night long
she makes my sight blind, tho somhow so clear, now i see, it wuz bound to bee

White butterfly turns red az i toss n turn in my bed beein all sad.. Trucks of happiness commin tru i cant stop em deyr too strong. Az i light up da bong, tryin to become calm i see my palm. Enuf of mind bluring fog, da red butterfy said, go back to bed, dun u dare to b sad

Ok, ill let it go but let me sleep n i dun wanna hear my fuckin phone go beep beep beep
layin in my bed, feelin all sad, alone, not even i aint there,

just empty eyez stare.

Guerilla moon flashin tru da window, talking shit, my earz burn with liquid fire, blood cumz out n floats away.. I dun even want it to stay. Go, blod, go.. Go away

Metaphysical ornaments i combine, to get da picture, to find peace. Drive away da beast. Beasts dancin to strange beats takin away my bits i need to combine. Da picture cant b complete but still ,with no purpose, i compete..


As i am standing in a field of my own stupidity

i see all my life's mistakes and troubled clouds

They are all blocking the sun, i kno i cant run

The rain starts to fall. Like acid drops

they're burning my soul and making me hurt.

From the pain i begin to faint, loose my life

im falling on my knees and begging it to stop

tears in my eyes are making me blind, they burn

Now i know, somewhere in life i took the wrong turn.

Now im backing up on my all four

i dont even see the floor and where im gonna fall.

With burned hands im searching my way

Theres no point. It seems like im here to stay.

With rotten lungs i grasp for air

and i see all my friends stare

all of them promised to be there

now they're turnin around and walking away

I dont care anyway, i just want dat one person to stay

if she does, i know ill find da strenght to stay awake

cover from da acid rain and stand up once again.

Weed Killah

Aktivan Član
nazalost ja sam muzicki antitalenat :( ako netko zeli pokusati neka napravi nesto makar nisam imao u planu to uglazbljivati.. Al mozda bi moglo biti dobro