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As much as I love the funky-sweet smell of fresh flowering marihuana buds wafting my way, (I'd bottle it and wear it as cologne if I could) it's not always a good idea to let the powerful odor coming from your grow room out into the world at large. Not everybody loves the smell like I do, and it could attract unwanted attention, if you know what I mean...
So, controlling the smell of flowering cannabis is something all growers have to deal with. There are lots of ways to go about it, and you can certainly spend thousands of dollars on a state of the art filtration system if you want to.
But I'm guessing you'd like to take the cheap-but-still-super-effective route. Yes?
I came across this new method for odor control recently and I'm using it in my grow rooms with terrific results. It's a simple odor eliminating machine that's built out of parts you can find at the hardware store or online. The whole thing costs about $30, and it works great!
Here's what you'll need to build the Odor Eliminating Machine:
A 5 Gallon Bucket
A Muffin Fan, diameter 11 inches (available at hardware stores, look for Durex or Holmes brand)
Odor Neutralizing Agent (ONA, a gel-like substance that absorbs odors, available online)
1 pound of Soil Moist (moisture retaining crystals, available at garden shops)
A Drill with a ½ inch drill bit

Here's how to build it:
First, drill 10-15 holes around the top few inches of the bucket.
Next, pour 10 cups of water and one cup of the ONA into the bucket. Mix well.
Now add a cup and a half of the soil moist crystals and stir into the ONA mixture. The crystals will absorb the ONA mixture and expand to many times their original size.
Next, put the muffin fan into the top of the bucket with the front side of the fan facing out of the bucket. If you get the right size muffin fan, it should fit snugly into the top of the bucket. (If it's too small, cut a hole in the bucket lid that's the right size, secure the fan in the lid with super glue or adhesive caulk.)
Place the fan or fan/lid assembly into the top of the bucket. Turn the fan on low speed and let it run. You'll notice a major difference in just a few minutes, and within an hour or so (depending on the size of the room and "funkiness" of your crop) the odor will be totally undetectable!

Basically what you've created is a super cheap but very effective air purifier. The really cool thing is that the soil moist crystals are reusable. When you notice that the odor neutralizing machine isn't working as well, just refresh the crystals with new ONA/water mixture!

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Aktivan Član
tnx... ja ju kontam držat u sobi bez ikakvog boxa, lamparenja i ostalih gluposti... samo čekam proljeće i uvjete za rast,a bit će pored velikog prozora kroz koji će imat sunca cijeli dan i imat će zraka dovoljno.. kontam stavit ventilator obični sobni, jedino mi treba nešto prirodno da ubije miris, samo da je što jednostavnije, a ima za naručit neutralizator mirisa u gelu koji traje oko mjesec dana.
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